More than 25 years of experience

The Team

A passion for languages that ended up becoming a career.

Since 1991, in Barcelona (Spain), we provide the language services listed hereafter, interpreting and translation, among others.

We work with Spanish, French, English and Catalan. Also, with Russian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish.

Your company can enjoy the possibility to use other languages besides the corporate one. This will enable you to pass on your message to other companies and people of different nationalities. This also means that everything related to your product or service will reach them in their own language. Good advertising for your company. Improved multilingual communication. Seriously considering export and hence, increasing sales.

We are physically based in Barcelona but the whole wide world is out there for us to reach out to. Wherever your company might be, whatever your language need -perhaps requiring interpreters for a conference or for a document to be translated- do not hesitate to call for our expertise in the language sector.

We are not big. Though great professionals in the world of interpreting and translation. Do you not know us yet? It is extremely easy to do so: over the phone, by email, through the contact page of the Web Site, face to face, if you prefer.

About Ruth

At the tender age of 5, I was put in a French school. Not understanding a single word.

I first studied English as a foreign language and as from high school. It needed much improving and so spent very long stays in England, Australia, and a lot later, in Montreal, Canada, a paradise for interpreters working with English and French, a city I had decided to go to in order to expand my professional experience.

A great part of my life moving from one place to another. With a set course.

After this whole learning period and previous jobs as an Executive Assistant and others, I succeeded in combining my passion for languages with a fascinating profession. I have been self-employed and freelancing as a qualified professional interpreter since 1991. I am a minute business woman with a team of trustworthy collaborators. Likewise, I act as an interpreter, translator, organizer, proof-reader and consultant. I love to make the most of all that is needed besides languages to be an interpreter –above all- such as being mentally fast and dynamic, witty, enterprising and sales-oriented, discreet, a good PR thanks to having a way with people, and to having been around in order to know where to stand throughout all of those mixed situations that keep arising. The variety of jobs have included and go from translating speeches by Jordi Pujol, former president of the Catalan government and by Joan Rigol and Ernest Benach former presidents of the Catalan Parliament, to Kenneth Arrow, a Nobel prize-winner in Economics, to U.N. organizations, to the artistic world (including magicians, Màgic Andreu; singers as much-missed Donna Summer; live interviews in radio stations; actresses, Catherine Deneuve), to topics relating to the international civil aviation, medicine, veterinary medicine, universities and chairs, military strategies in Hispania centuries before Christ, brain damage patients. I have translated deals with Works Committees and Trade Unions, an always tough Labour Force Adjustment Plan, a franchise, the manufacture and distribution of ophthalmic lenses. This expansive list goes on, and on. Similarly, I have travelled for work from my comfortable office to the centre of Barcelona, of Madrid, to other towns and cities in Spain, in Europe, Africa, the Philippines, Singapore…

Always wanting for the world and its people to understand each other.