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TRANSLATION is the written translation of a document, from one language to another.

Virtually all language pairs are feasible, in all subject fields, by means of obviously consulting dictionaries, works of reference, varied terminological data bases and by doing Internet searches all throughout the translating process. Moreover, the translator draws up glossaries as new terms keep appearing in the original text.

The following are the different modes we offer: Direct Translation; Inverse Translation; Sworn Translation.

Translations into Spanish, English, French, Catalan. Into Russian, Rumanian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish.

Our translation service means we are to take care of getting hold of one or several translators and giving the translation assignment out to them. Translators always translate into their mother tongue. Providing such service nowadays has become much more dynamic thanks to using the Internet and emails, and as importantly, possibly also a courier to collect and deliver originals and translation when dealing with a sworn translation.

For your peace of mind, and ours, we will fully commit ourselves to keeping everything that we will have handled and translated confidential; and hence, for both parties to sign a confidentiality agreement.

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Direct Translation: A direct translation is a document that has been translated into the national or most-used language in a given country or geographical area. If in Spain for example, a text translated from English into Spanish will be a direct translation.

Inverse Translation: An inverse translation is a document that has been translated into a foreign language which therefore differs from the national or most-used language in a certain country or geographical area. If in Spain for instance, a text translated from Spanish into English will be an inverse translation.

Sworn Translation: A sworn translation can be direct or inverse though will be done by a sworn translator. By means of using the official and endorsed stamp that so certifies him, the sworn translator will in turn ensure for the translation to be true to the original.

It is common practice to stamp the original document (on paper) that will be translated as well as the translation. A reliable translation of the said original and of no other document is hence guaranteed. The stamped translation is also delivered on paper.

However, both the digital stamp and signature are being accepted more so as common practice and are legally valid, though the final decision whether to opt for the printed format or the digital one will fall on the entity or individual requiring a sworn translation.

Any given official body (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Civil Law, and a long list) will usually request this type of translation for procedures and formalities such as a civil marriage with a foreign citizen, an application to emigrate and work abroad, setting-up of a company…

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For your peace of mind, and ours for that matter, we wish to state we are fully committed to keeping everything that is said and translated confidential. Moreover, we are willing for both parties to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for that purpose.